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If lasting in bed has been a challenge for you, here’s a step by step guided home practice solution that you can learn by yourself to improve your ability to last during sex even if you’re currently single!


This home study guide in audio format takes you through the 6 Keys to learn sustainable ejaculation control naturally. Where most other programs that aim to help men resolve PE usually focus on only one or two methods, this audio gives you an in-depth course in the 6 essential aspects needed to turn an early and premature ejaculation pattern around for good.


Author: Nitya Mahlynn Langstrom



"Thank you Nitya for this course! It is just what I was looking for and the training and practices are amazing. There is really no program that I have seen that makes it so easy practical and doable. It Is enjoyable to listen to as well. I love the guided practices!"

The CODE to Lasting in Bed, 3 Part Audio Program

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