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The Keys to the Kingdom 

taking you from wherever you are, to Hero 

​with a state of the art tool box,
and step by step guidance in just 7 weeks -

Unlike the ‘band-aid’ methods you might have found online,

such as numbing creams, tranquillisers, pumps and injections

that don’t help you one bit to become a more skilled lover...


The Keys to the Kingdom

presents a complete set of foundations for Sexual Mastery 

based on Ancient Tantric and Taoist Methods,

 as well as cutting edge Coaching Methodology and
Neuro Linguistic Programming -


Are You ready for Authentic Confidence in the Bedroom…

and Sustainable Lovemaking Skills,

that has your lover wanting for more?


Never again wonder if she really enjoys sex with you,

or if she’s just ‘faking it’ to have it ‘over and done with’…


The Keys to the Kingdom will work for…


-Men who have struggled with Premature/Early Ejaculation (PE) 

-Men who have experienced Erectile Issues (ED) 

-Men who experience Delayed Ejaculation (DE) 

-Men who want to have more Confidence in the Bedroom 

-Men who want to Discover Sexual Self Empowerment and have 

-Multiple Energy Orgasms without Ejaculation




-Because You’re feeling Completely Empowered from within,
physically and mentally

-Because You trust the intelligent flow of Sexual Life
force through your body

-Because You have the tools and skills that allow you to
make love for as long as you want

-Because You know how to make love even if you
don’t get erect sometimes

-Because You’ve opened your body to multiple
energy orgasms

-Because You know what the Feminine truly desires
from you sexually and intimately

-Because You love and trust the guidance you receive
from your own body, heart and soul -

*  *  *

"Nitya's course was wonderful for my husband
and our relationship. Not only did it give us a new lease
on life in the bedroom, but I noticed quickly that my husband
seemed more relaxed and happy with himself generally.
It has definitely improved his longevity in the bedroom,
and after 14 years together sex feels 'new' again."


*  *  *


The Keys to the Kingdom
7-week Coaching Program​

                                         Mindset Alignment Process

- The Necessary Standards for Success

- Committing to Your Powerful Goal

  Magic Methods for Manifestation 


            Sacred Sexual Practices Training             

- Empower Yourself with Sex Energy

  - Sustainable Ejaculation Mastery for life  

- Energy Orgasms without Ejaculation       

- Conscious Cock Worship                        

- Unleash your Tantric Lovemaking skills

 - Strengthen Erections & Sexual Stamina

- Understand what She Desires in Bed
(not what porn suggests!)

Presence & Nervous System Attunement

- Getting your Nervous System Onboard

- Meditation as The Anchor for Passion

- Aligning your Breathst!


Body Awareness & Embodiment training
- Owning your Powerful Mojo
- Loving Your Body
- Relax and Open the Energy Channels
- Let Go of old Emotions
- Open to Pleasure


Conscious Touch Method
- Activating your Magic Touch
- Activating your Healing Powers
- Self Love to Awaken your Senses
- Touching Her the way She Loves it!

Relationship GOLD
- Creating a Couple Bubble
-  Knowing your (& her) Attachment types
- Relationship Values
- Old Brain & New Brain
- Tips & Tricks for Bonding & much more!

Bonus #1
. The CODE to Lasting in Bed;
3 Part Self Study Audio program

Bonus #2. Ebook for Her: Helping Your
Man Last Longer in Bed

Bonus #3. Soft Entry Lovemaking -
The Premier Tantric Technique if you ever struggled getting or keeping an erection
Bonus #4. Deep State Repatterning Guided Journey

*  *  *
"I am so happy to say that I am feeling a much greater connection, closeness and warmth of intimacy with my partner again. I am also feeling more consistently that I have energy and vitality for life, for my family, and for my work." 

 *  *  *

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