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A Kick start into the next stage of your life…Start creating an exciting, empowering and fulfilling intimate connection with yourself and with your present or future partner!


This session is a kick start into the next stage of your life whether you’ve been experiencing issues with Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Delayed ejaculation. Porn Addiction,

or are just wanting to up level and expand your sex life to enhance your relationship.

Also suited for Men who are single!


This session will be exactly tailored to your unique needs and is jam packed with actionable step by step strategies to start turning your situation around, so that you can leave unfulfilling intimacy and low confidence behind, and start creating an exciting, empowering and fulfilling connection with your own body and sexuality now and into the future!


This session comes with a Bonus 3 part Audio Program to keep, that will assist your ongoing home practices after the session.

Clients who later might want to join the bigger program for Men; “The Keys to the Kingdom” will receive a discount equal to the Mini Intensive session fee if they choose to join.

Fresh Beginnings Mini-Intensive

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